Executive Search

Functional and industry expertise, combined with a Search Methodology that has proven to be extremely fast, without compromising quality, results in exceeding our clients' and candidates' expectations.

Regardless of whether the search is for a Senior Vice President or Senior Manager, our comprehensive process comes with detailed reporting, underpinning the placement, which is provided throughout the search.


Search Brief

Starting with the skills and experience required, we help the client identify and pinpoint exactly what they need, as opposed to what they think they want. We have a unique opportunity to look inside their business and be objective. We ensure that once they start engaging with talent, they are satisfied and confident their future employee will have a significant impact on their business.


This results in a customized position mandate that contains both accurate requirements and responsibilities for the position, along with aligned competencies, and the skills and track record required of the candidate to be successful.


Search Activation

Target candidates from relevant companies and industry sectors are identified through various tools we have at our disposal. We connect with our network seeking recommendations and referrals, we reengage with candidates already known to us, and we initiate contact with newly identified candidates.


Candidate Evaluation

During our first call we assess initial interest, validate the candidates previous experience, and determine if there is an initial fit for the position.


During the second, and often third discussion, a comprehensive interview takes place by video conference, using both biographical and competency-based questions to ensure an accurate assessment of skills, industry knowledge, track record, aptitude for the position, and culture fit.  


Shortlisting & Client Interview

A comprehensive assessment of shortlisted candidates is provided in line with the search brief taken.  


We work with the client and executive to coordinate a seamless interview process. When requested, we can attend panel interviews to offer an outside and unbiased perspective.



During each stage of the process the candidates interest level is monitored and fed back to the client. When the time comes to offer, the expectation of the candidate is managed to ensure an appropriate proposal is made.


Upon acceptance, we work with the candidate to navigate counteroffers and resignations smoothly, and we remain in constant contact with them until their start date and beyond.