Food & Beverage

We help organizations appoint leaders and experts that source, make and
deliver, nutritious, delicious, and sustainable products.


There is no question that our current climate has created significant challenges for the Food & Beverage industry. There have been, and there will continue to be, huge opportunities for organizations to turn these challenges in to market capturing opportunities through building a more agile Supply Chain.


The Modern Consumer

Food labels are being scrutinized beyond grams of sugar and calorie count. Consumers want to know from where, and how, their ingredients are produced, and how they have been sourced, while also having certainty that what goes into their shopping cart, has made its way there ethically. The modern consumer is also growing increasingly concerned about the impact of what they buy and consume, has on both their health, and the environment. Consequently, loyalty to brands is becoming more easily broken as the modern consumer becomes more aware of sustainability and its impact.



Companies have an opportunity to create positive change to their food system as it relates to how they source, make, and move their products. Sustainable activities are not only critical to the future of our planet, but they also present an opportunity for organizations to drive business growth through initiatives such as Regenerative Agriculture, which improves soil health, increased yield, and therefore a reduced carbon footprint. Such initiatives create positive publicity which presents huge potential in capitalizing on market share. 


Plant Based

The increasing popularity and demand of plant-based alternatives can’t be ignored. You can read many conflicting truths as to whether they are healthier for the consumer and planet, however regardless of opinion, the increased demand is undeniable and here to stay. This poses both challenge and opportunity throughout the supply chain in the form of make/buy decisions, and the necessity for a fully optimized Supply chain.


How We Can Help

Turning challenges into opportunities, and opportunities to organizational growth, requires a team of talented professionals who can connect the Supply Chain from farm to table. Hunter Shore Group understands the Food & Beverage landscape better than most. We lead the way when it comes to appointing leaders and experts that ensure the brands we love, remain loved, by the modern consumer.