Meet Our Team

At Hunter Shore Group we believe a strong team will always outperform a strong individual.


Shara Alter

Founding Partner

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With over 20 years experience throughout the United States, Shara’s expertise spans across the Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, and Industrial Sectors.


Shara has appointed leaders across many functions of the Value Chain. A network that has been carefully built over the course of her career; Shara takes the time to get to know those she engages with. Her highest priority is providing the best experience she can to those she engages with.  


Shara works with companies that seek to appoint leaders into Supply Chain Management, including the functions of Procurement, Supply Chain, and Quality & Compliance.

Shara typically operates at Senior Manager through to Senior Vice President level.

Contact Shara at:

Telephone: +1 347 974 4803



Stephen Smith

Founding Partner

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During Stephen’s 20 years in Executive Search, he has established an extensive international network of clients and candidates having led businesses throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.


He understands the business of People, successfully partnering with organizations to deliver outstanding candidates. Those that create value, save money, and foster the ethos of these organizations.


Stephen partners with organizations who have transformative and disruptive agendas and are at the forefront of their industries. They typically use technology, and efficient processes to enable Procurement and Supply Chain effectiveness while enabling top line growth. 

Stephen typically operates at the Director through to Senior Vice President level.

Contact Stephen at:

Telephone: +1 347 374 4513