Procurement & Sustainability

We appoint leaders with global and regional responsibilities, along with experts across all Direct and Indirect categories, underpinned

by an increased emphasis on Sustainability.


Over the past two years, procurement organizations have been facing unprecedented challenges. Direct Sourcing of Ingredients, Commodities, Primary & Secondary Packaging, Chemicals, and other Raw Materials has been extremely challenging. Suppliers have been hit hard,  and in some cases, shut down entirely. Organizations have been left exposed due to a lack of supplier diversity, and a lack of contingency planning.  


Indirect Categories including Marketing, Professional Services, Corporate Services, IT, Logistics, Third Party MFG, to name a few, are becoming an increased emphasis for organizations. Establishing strong internal stakeholder engagement, along with mutually beneficial external partnerships, allows for an Indirect procurement organization to capture opportunities that result in significant top and bottom-line growth.


From Agriculture practices, Sustainable Sourcing, and Renewable energy adoption, procurement is driving the Sustainability agenda. With increasing mandates by governments, and consumers becoming more sustainably conscious, loyalty to brands that we have grown up with are becoming increasingly easy to break. Those putting Sustainability at the center of their operations are the ones that are truly capitalizing on market share.

Functional Expertise

Direct Sourcing

All Ingredients, Commodities (including CRM), Packaging, Chemicals, and Materials.

Production Spend

Transportation & Logistics, Third Party Manufacturing, CAPEX, MRO, Energy.

Indirect Categories

Marketing, Professional Services, Corporate Services, Information Technology, Source/Procure-to-Pay (P2P/S2P). 


Sustainable Sourcing, Agriculture Practices, Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance.