Talent Mapping

Demand for talent is soaring as economies recover at rapid speed. Professionals are reevaluating their careers causing unprecedented levels of attrition.
This has created the perfect storm for Supply Chain's without
a pipeline of future talent.

People are an organization’s number one asset regardless of how innovative their products and solutions may be.


Future talent is of equal importance and organization’s that have recognized this through a developed pipeline of candidates, are those exceeding customer demand, capturing market share, continuing to bring innovative product and services to the market, as well as achieving their sustainability commitments.  


With the average number of vacancies an internal recruiter manages ranging from 30 to 40, building a pipeline of future talent can be easier said than done.


Hunter Shore Group partners with Hiring Managers, HR, and Talent Acquisition teams to achieve their long-term recruitment goals by creating access to talent they cannot reach themselves. Our Talent Mapping solution is approached in three key ways:



Comprehensive research of organizations and individuals often related to level, industry, and function is completed. This results in an initial target map that leads to contact initiation.



Activation of discussions with the target population starts. Competitor intelligence is gathered, organization structures are determined, and interest in our client is piqued.



The client engages in discussions with candidates and an ongoing relationship is formed. Hunter Shore Group helps prepare the candidate to join the organization when the timing is right.

This two-way client-candidate exposure builds trust, confidence, and strong relationships early on. By adopting a proactive long-term approach to managing a pipeline of future talent, organizations can significantly reduce the time to fill when open vacancies arise, as well ensuring the most qualified candidate for the position is appointed.